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PLGWI Gamma inox
  • PLGWI Gamma inox

    Naturally, the PLGW lifting point is also available in a corrosion-resistant version – as the PLGWI eyebolt, offering all the tried-and-tested pewag advantages: versatility when it comes to areas of application, accurately fitted measurements, optimised load capacities and unsurpassed ease-of-use. 

    This lifting point can be mounted hand tight using a standard Allen key then aligned in the load direction.

    But the PLGWI offers even more than that:

    The eyebolt is 360° rotatable, comes with an interchangeable special screw that is 100% crack-tested and marked with the load capacity and the thread size! An integrated sleeve protects the surface of the load. The batch number displayed on all load-bearing parts such as the eye and screws as well as the serial number make identification, traceability and performance of mandatory, regular inspections simpler than ever.

      • Extendable areas of application thanks to Duplex steel with heightened corrosion-resistance.
      • The PRE/N value that determines the alloy composition and thus also the level of corrosionresistance lies at approx. 34.
    • Permitted usage
      For load capacities in the permitted directions of pull, please refer to the load capacity table.

      • Adjust the lifting point in the permitted load direction before loading.
      • Loadable with a 4-fold safety factor under break in all directions.

      Non-permitted usage
      During assembly, ensure that improper loading cannot arise due to any of the following factors

      • Direction of pull is obstructed.
      • Direction of pull is not within the indicated area.
      • Loading ring rests against edges or loads.

      For additional details and information, please refer to the full operating manual.

      Each lifting point comes with an individual serial number.

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