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Load Cell Data Logging
  • Load Cell Data Logging

    LMS-LOG100 Advanced data logging software provides real time monitoring of up to 100 load cell devices simultaneously.


    Access your data quickly and easily on computer, tablet & smart phone via web browser.  Export data in standard JSON or CSV formats with customisable reporting to suit your needs.

      • Supplied pre-installed on computer with or without display screen
      • Works with USB base station
      • Built in web server
      • Display numeric and graph data
      • Visual display and audible alarm indicators for overload/underload conditions as well as loss of communication
      • Log data at timed intervals, manually (on demand), on entering & exiting a pre-set overload/underload, during 
        an overload/underload
      • Display live data readings on a visual graphic of your application (picture/drawing/schematic)
      • Units of measure selectable to match load cell
      • Defined algorithms and maths functions
      • Windows 10, 8, & 7 compatible
      • System can be installed on existing computers
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